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On 4 December, Is Not Banksy was found by officials sleeping peacefully inside the studio he had set up in the False Peace Tower. He is believed to have fallen into a permanent sleep, exhausted by all the lies. The studio was lined with artworks that he had continued to produce. It seems that many people who were saddened by his death came to offer flowers.

The next day, a painting was placed on the eaves of his studio. On it was a picture of a rat, drawn roughly with a brush, with the words 'IS NOT BANKSY IS DEAD'. The sender is "THE NOT BANKSY OF THE RISING SUN". Did the supposedly dead 'RISING SUN' come back to life? The mystery only deepens.

We will continue to keep an eye on future developments.


翌日、彼のアトリエの軒先に一枚の絵が置かれていた。そこには「IS NOT BANKSY IS DEAD」の文字とともに筆で乱暴に描かれたネズミの絵が描かれていた。差出人は「THE NOT BANKSY OF THE RISING SUN」となっている。死んだはずの「RISING SUN」が生還したのか。謎は深まるばかりだ。


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