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We will overcome 2024 Edition of 33


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Title : We will overcome 2024

Year : 2024

Size : 22.0×33.3cm

Edition : 33

Material : Stencil paint on wood panel

Other : Signed, numbered and stamped on the back with the COA pasted on.

Shipping : 3,300JPY(Japan)/ 8,800JPY(Overseas)

Delivery date : Will be dispatched on or around 10 March 


'Not Banksy' art project by British artist 'STOT21stCPlanB'. Real art, not fake art. Since his debut, he has taken the art world by storm. All of them are sold at a premium price. 

WARNING: These artworks are NOT by Banksy, are NOT endorsed by Banksy, and are NOT approved of by Banksy. Do NOT buy them if you think they are or could be.

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