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Number 5

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Number 5 from a series of 13 unique works

Bouncy Bunny is back!!

Here in IDENTITY CRISIS CHIMP IS NOT A BANKSY BUNNY NOR A BOUNCY BANKSY we tackle the complex and emotive questions of ‘Identity Politics’ with our little furry friend kindly trying to explain that if Banksy made a picture of a chimpanzee disguised as a bunny rabbit we should not be fooled. And that in this particular picture it is definitely not a Banksy bunny nor a Not Banksy bunny whilst asking the questions: Is a Not Banksy Bunny not a bouncy Banksy? Is a Not Bunny a Banksy? Is Not Banksy a Bunny and not a Bouncy Banksy?


13 artworks, each unique in its own special way

All screen-printpainting on 9mm plywood panels

80.0 x 60.5 cm

Signed, labeled and stamped on the back by the true IS-NOT-Banksy AbNormalcy of the RISING SUN with STOT21

Ready for almost immediate dispatch. But please allow at least 10 days for NBDNAS inefficiencies.

Other : Comes with A4 rag describing this artwork.

Fundraising: £95 of the proceeds will be donated to Turkey and Syria, where the earthquake struck.

ShippingShips from the Japanese Not Banksy dept. Shipping is free for residents in Japan and 5,000 jpy for international residents.

WARNING: This artwork is NOT by Banksy, is NOT endorsed by Banksy, and NOT approved of by Banksy. Do NOT buy it if you think it is or could be.

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