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From NOT BANKSY to The IS-NOT-BANKSY AbNormalcy of the 21st Century Generation Z, this opus features 176 pages in full colour of spectacular Neo-Nothingist Negation detailing the rise of Banksy’s nemesis NOT BANKSY from 2007 – 2021, including nearly 10 years of doing nothing.

Compiled, designed and edited by STOT21stCplanB

The IS-NOT-BOUNCEY Standard Hardback Edition:

176 pages in full colour
27 x 22 cm
Printed on 120 gsm Munken Lynx Rough paper, bound in paper covered pictorial 3mm book board cut flush to the edges, in a matt white dust jacket with subtle blemishes printed on.

WARNING: This Book is NOT by Banksy, is NOT endorsed by Banksy, and NOT approved of by Banksy. Do NOT buy it if you think it is or could be.