In 1986, shortly after the poorly received exhibition in New York with his friend Not Basquiat, Not Warhol flew the Miyazaki in Japan to meet his other young friend Not Banksy. Here they set up studio at the infamous Fake Peace Tower to make a series of collaborative works as a follow-up to Banksy’s “A Treachery of Misinformation” series, which in turn was a riff on Magritte’s ‘This is not a Pipe” painting.

They worked with a team of fine Japanese craftsmen to make prints and paintings that fused Not Warhol’s iconic banana with some of Not Banksy’s best Neo-Nothingist stolen imagery.  It was agreed that this was the best Not-Art they had ever made and planned to exhibit the work on an extensive tour of galleries in all the major Japanese cities that year. But due to an unreconcilable disagreement as to who’s name should come first on the tour poster, Not Warhol returned in a huff to New York and the tour never happened.

The prints and paintings have been kept in deep storage since then, but now both artists have given permission for them to be shown by the BLACK CUBE Gallery as the inaugural exhibition at their new space in Japan.

Many of their artworks are extremely valuable and cannot be priced, but only five of their first artworks, THE BIG FIGHT, are for sale.



 ノット・ウォーホルは、ノット・バンクシーが発表した「A Treachery of Misinformation 誤報の裏切り」シリーズ(ルネ・マグリットの代表作「イメージの裏切り」へのオマージュ)に続く、新作を共同で制作することを提案し、日本の南にある悪名高い偽りの平和の塔にスタジオを構えることにした。




それ以来、作品は何十年もの間、彼らのアトリエで保管されていたが、2023年の11月に日本に誕生する、架空のギャラリー「BLACK CUBE GALLERY JAPAN」での第一回目の展覧会で、初披露されることとなった。

その多くの作品が非常に価値のあるもので、値段をつけることができないが、その中でも彼らが最初に作った作品「THE BIG FIGHT」を5点のみ販売する。