We proudly announce, that after 17 years of intense Neo-Nothingist activism - including 10 highly successful years of doing nothing - Not Banksy in all their guises have once again decided to hang up their stencils, spray cans and squeegees and return to doing what they do best: Nothing. 

To mark the start of this hiatus we present one final Not Banksy offering. Taking you back to where it all began with the Not Banksy Bouncy Bunnies sitting on where it all ended … a Warholian Banana Moon.

Meanwhile, the theoretical wings of the Not Banksy Innit Coalition and Not Banksy Of The Rising Sun will be immersing themselves in academia, taking a research position at a prestigious seat of learning where they will continue their investigations into the trends and transitions of Nothingism; from its emergence in ancient Chinese literature to the Neo-Nothingist infiltrations in the international contemporary art markets and continuing causations of collapse and ruination of Late Capitalism.

Their eagerly awaited book on the subject “Suck On This Mother-Fuckers” will be available from all good bookshops early next year.

Over and Out!!